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Ladies and gentlemen.

It is information for businessmen and tourists coming to Moscow.
Let me introduce myself. I am Demchook Julia, English guide and driver from Association of Guide-interpreters and tour managers of Russia. I am pleased to offer:

Demchook Julia (click for large) -TRANSFER service from an airport (train station, river terminal) to a hotel and back.
2500 RUB per one.

-EXCURSION program in Moscow by my luxury personal car.
1500 RUB per hour.

-HOTEL accommodation

I would be very glad if you contact me for some information using my Phone: +7 495 725 13 44, E-mail: guidegyuly@gmail.com or request my service using Reservation Form, attached to a draft of excursion program you will find below.

Here you can see just some examples of excursion program which can be supplemented and arranged according to your wishes.

Moscow city tour (click for large)



Moscow city tour

Getting about Moscow with visit to Red Square, panoramas of the ancient Kremlin, Newmaiden Convent and panorama of Moscow from the Vorobyov's Hills.

Excursion time - 3 hours.
Territory of Moscow Kremlin (click for large)



Territory of Moscow Kremlin.

Moscow Kremlin is an ancient town, a fortress, an active residence of power, a State museum. Cathedrals of Moscow Kremlin.

Excursion time - 1,5 hours.
Day off - Thursday.
Armory Chamber (click for large)



Armory Chamber.

Armory Chamber of Moscow Kremlin is a Treasure - house of Russian tsars.

Excursion time - 1.5 hours.
Day off - Thursday.
Moscow Kremlin (click for large)



Moscow Kremlin.

Getting about territory of Moscow Kremlin with visit to one of its Cathedrals and visit to Armory Chamber to see Treasure of Russian tsars.

Excursion time - 3 hours.
Day off - Thursday.

Moscow Metro (click for large)



Moscow Metro.

History of its foundation and visit to the most beautiful stations of the Moscow Metro.

Excursion time - 1.5 hours.
Tretyakov Art Gallery (click for large)



Tretyakov Art Gallery.

Masterpieces of State Tretyakov Art Gallery from ancient Russian icons up to Russian painting of the 20th century.

Excursion time - 3 hours.
Day off - Monday.
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (click for large)



Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

State Museum of Fine Arts named after Pushkin. Masterpieces of West European painting.

Excursion time - 3 hours.
Day off - Monday.
Kolomenskoye (click for large)




Kolomenskoye is opened air Museum. Former Country Residence of Russian Tzars.

Excursion time - 3 hours.
Day off - Monday.
Trinity - St.Sergius Monastery (click for large)



Trinity - St.Sergius Monastery.

The Trinity - St.Sergius Monastery, founded in the 14th century is one of the most honorary active Monasteries of Russia. It is an active residence of Patriarch power located 70 km away from Moscow.

Excursion time - 5 hours.

Fedoskino (click for large)




Visit to a Russian village "Fedoskino".It is a center of Russian folk art lacquer miniature painting on papier mache boxes.

Excursion time - 4 hours.
Days off - Saturday, Sunday.
Suzdal (click for large)




Suzdal is one of the towns of the famous Golden Ring of Russia. It is a town, founded in the 11th century with its unique architectural ensemble, located 200 km away from Moscow.

Excursion time - 12 hours.
Day off - Tuesday.
I will appreciate if you fill in this reservation form right now.
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Mirrors: travelinmoscow.com, moscowtourguide.biz, moscowguide.car.ru

The Russian version (Русская версия)

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