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We remember our tours of Moscow and talks of you with a good word. If you have some opportunity, come to visit our place!

Kural and Saodat. Alma-Ata.


Videos about your Moscow tours – a complete delight! So much beauty, humor and love for the city! Your video stories are beautiful!

Alexandra Batyaeva. Moscow.


I like video stories about Your excursions in Moscow! You are a creative person with a non-standard approach to cultural heritage objects. I really liked to wander around museums with You and I hope we’ll meet again!

Anna Kuznetsova. Moscow.


Look at the video review.

St. Petersburg Gymnasts.


A great tour guide! Gave us a long tour in the city in her own car (at no extra cost!) and kept telling us interesting information about the places, we’ve seen and visited with her all throughout the tour! Highly recommended for both newcomers to the city and those revisiting the city alike!

Marina. Israel.


Congratulations on your professional holiday! I look forward to seeing an excellent guide again for next tours!

Olga Popova. Moscow.

Congratulations on your professional holiday! We wish you Success, new interesting tours and simple happiness!

Sincerely yours, Dolgoprudny inhabitants.


It was amazing thanks again. Thanks again and again. Moscow tour is the best present I have done to myself today.



A colleague from Johannesburg is coming to visit us. They asked me to recommend a tour guide. I’ve gave your contact number. They will call you)

Maria Busygina. Moscow. McKinsey & Company.


Thanks for the interesting Kremlin Annunciation Cathedral lecture. It’s always good and enjoyable to be with you! See you soon.

Alexandra Batyaeva. Moscow.


Thanks a lot! Our guests from London were impressed with the volume of information, you provided them, and they liked Your tour to the Lavra.

Alice. Moscow.


Thanks lot! You are an amazing tour guide! All that you were saying was so interesting. I took a similar tour in Kazan. It was nothing, compared to Yours!

Helen. Ufa.


Thanks for the Moscow city tour. Super! Much bright impressions after my trip. Now-just euphoria. Definitely see you again, when I get to Moscow!

Eugenia. Vladivostok.



Thanks for the Kremlin tour for our foreign guests!)) definitely see you next time for others tours.

Igor. Moscow.


Thanks for the Moscow city tour, for a great time. We are very happy to meet you.

Irina, Natalia. Samara.


Our Guests are happy with your tour of metro. Everything is Great!!! Thanks.

Tatyana. Moscow.


Thanks for the Tretyakov Gallery tour, it was very interesting and informative for us, it was a pleasure to meet you. We liked you very much.

Marina. Kaliningrad.


Thanks Julia!

Kavitha. India.


Thanks Julia!! We really liked your Moscow city tour!



Thanks for all your Moscow tours! We’re gonna remember You, Moscow, chebureks, pies and cafe Pushkin. We’ll be back for Moscow donuts. Sarana almost cried in Sheremetyevo, saying that she wanted to stay. Thanks for everything, and I wish You and Your family all the best. If you arrive in Tokyo,
please let us know. I hope to see You again. I’ll be back with my eldest daughter, definitely! I already wish I were in Moscow!

Jeanne. Tokyo.


My guests from Germany and I remember with pleasure our Moscow tour. I would love to see You at least once a month for topics, You can suggest. Your Kremlin lectures and paintings lectures were highly recommended to me.

Elena. Moscow.


Julia, you are 5***** star guide! I give 5***** star rating and review for the tour.

Narendra. McKinsey & Company.

Thanks! Our guests liked everything very much. I’m very happy. Now, if necessary, I know where to find a good guide))!

McKinsey & Company


Tourists are delighted with yesterday’s tour with You!!! Thanks!!! I adore you.

Maria Busygina. Moscow.


You are my favorite guide! I’m not going anywhere without You!

Elena. Moscow.


Julia, this morning Moscow tour was really interesting!


Everything Is Great. Thanks a lot for the Moscow tour for our guest)), very glad to meet you), we do not say you goodbye))). See you next time.

Gulya. Moscow.


You are my inspirer for cultural life in Moscow! Thanks a lot for Repin tour! As usually, it was very interesting.

Maria Simonova. Moscow.


Thanks Again for the Repin tour.

As always, it was very interesting. Marina. Moscow.


Thanks for the Moscow tour for our foreign guests. Moscow is beautiful! See you soon!

Ksenia. Moscow.


Thanks a lot for the tour of Repin. My friend and I, we discuss everything, all details, excitedly. We are very happy with Your information. Thank you very much.

Xenia. Moscow.


Thanks for the interesting and beautiful tour of Repin. I was very happy to see you and to cheer up my brain a little.

Oksana. Moscow.


Thank you, Julia. It’s a wonderful day for us. You are so intelligent and very kind.

Lisa Wang & Melody Hong Kong.


Julia, Thank you soooooo much, my dear. I like the tour you did for us. And Moscow it’s a very nice place to visit!

Fashion Designer. Dubai. UAE.


Yesterday I Passed my exam on the topic : “Old Testament stories”. It was much easier for me rather than for others. Due to Your help I was more prepared . So, the third University course has been graduated from at Moscow State University.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya. Moscow.


Thank you so much for the beautiful drive and showing us Magnificent Moscow.

Dentists. India.


We had the tour with you yesterday. Thank you so much. We had wonderful time!

Sangeeta. New Zealand.


Thanks for the interesting tour of Repin! It will be nice to continue the graphics part of the exhibition.

Leila. Moscow.


We miss You! Masha and I recently had a chat, she had been on vacation, there were some tours there,and she noted that, they were not compared to your tours. You are a wonderful, the best guide!

Ira and Maria. Moscow.


Thanks a lot for the Repin tour. Of course, the child was tired, if not she, we would continue. We will definitely organize the next tour, it was not enough for me. Of course, I would listening to You and listening.))

Alexandra. Moscow.


Thanks for the Archangel Cathedral tour in Kremlin. Natasha and I really liked it. It was very interesting.

Leila. Moscow.


Thanks again for the Archangel Cathedral lecture. We want a whole course of Kremlin Cathedrals lectures, to understand everything gradually. Generally We admire Your knowledge and ability to submit material!

Elena, Olga and company. Moscow.


Thanks a lot!! You always help us out so much! The guys were delighted with the Kremlin tour! Hug You tight!) See you soon.

Olesya. Switzerland.


I am very glad, we have You! I appreciate your talent and knowledge! Keep up the amazing work. Continue to please us with your tours!

Olesya. Switzerland.



Thanks for your “Secrets of old paintings” lecture, thanks for reminder of the beauty )) and pulling us out of vanity of vanities.

Irina Thor. Moscow.


You are a jewellery box with a double bottom. Time at a time new interesting things and talents are under discovering! I’m talking about Your thematic lectures on painting and Kremlin cathedrals.

Barbara. Moscow.


Alyona and I really liked Your “Secrets of old paintings” lecture . We “infected” our colleagues with our stories about yesterday’s “Secrets”! We will come again))); I think, see you soon!

Anna. Moscow.


Thanks for the Moscow International Business Centre tour))), Everything was just Super!! I’m still impressed. Regret, I’m not in Moscow anymore!))).



I’ve told my friends so much about You, advertised you so much! We are very happy That it was personally you, who has done a Kremlin tour for our children. Yulechka, dear, Thanks!

Maria Simonova. Moscow.


Everything is great! Thanks a lot! Olivia is already at home, she is in the seventh heaven of happiness, comes to herself)) and already misses Moscow! We are very grateful to You for your help and your tours!!!

Olesya. Switzerland.


I really enjoyed my holidays in Moscow. Missing Russia already. That was such a dream. Thanks you again! Miss you.

Olivia. Switzerland.


Thanks! everyone is delighted with your tour of Bryullov exhibition. I admire your tour! You are the high professional guide! Listening to you is the highest pleasure! I really liked the tour. See you again.

Natalya. Moscow.


Thanks. Our guests from Germany are absolutely delighted with your Moscow tour. They said, you were really fond of what you doing, very attentive to details; that the information was very worthy, accessible for perception and you kept the attention of listeners all the time. Thanks a lot, keep in touch and see you next time.

Maria, Igor. Moscow.


It was a great day. Thank you for Moscow tour. Hope to see you next time, when I return with my wife. We will be back one day for sure. Thank you again.

Simon. London.


I’m Sasha. Two years ago I was on your tour of the Serov exhibition! Could you give my friends a tour of the Vereshchagin exhibition now? ) I’ve visited exhibition by myself and I’m so excited, that I would like to arrange a tour for my friends, but only with You.

Alexandra. Moscow.


Thanks for the second part of the Vereshchagin tour! It was very interesting!

Yulia Khabarova. Moscow.


Wow! Thanks for such an interesting Moscow tour for our guests – Andréa and Dillon! Thank you again and again!!!

Nadia. Moscow.


Thanks for the tour of Vereshchagin exhibition! We all liked it very much. See you in autumn, to resume our cultural program.

The Batyaev Family. Moscow.


Many thanks for yesterday’s tour of Vereshchagin! We are under impression and reviewing photos. Our nanny still walks with her mouth open and can’t believe her luck! 🙂 She is your fan! :)).

Olga. Moscow.


Thanks for the tour of Vereshchagin! Oksana and I really liked it. See you in June for the second part. The second part of exhibition is mandatory for me!!!

Yulia Khabarova. Moscow.


Thanks for the luxury tour! Vereshchagin, with his Turkestan painting reportages, made a strong impression. But India, apart from Ajanta, did not impress me particularly so. I don’t like Indian themes at all.

Maria Simonova. Moscow.


Thanks for a wonderful tour of the first part of Vereshchagin! See you on Saturday, to continue others series.

Aleksandra Batyaeva. Moscow.


Thanks for a wonderful tour of Bryullov! Everyone is delighted and preparing for your tour of Vereshchagin exhibition.

Maria Busygina. Moscow.


All our team looks forward for new tours with you. We speak of You with incredible gratitude! Please don’t leave us! We want more and more!)))

Galina Leonidovna. Moscow.


As usually, You are magnificent!!! I really liked your tour of both exhibitions – Bryullov and Vasnetsov. Bravo, as always!

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya. Moscow.


Thanks for the wonderful Vasnetsov tour. It was very interesting and informative. My sister liked it very much, she did not expect such a high level at all. A complete delight! Thanks!

Aleksandra Batyaeva. Moscow.


I am delighted with your tour of Vasnetsov. It’s exciting being with you! I like everything – construction of your tours, your jokes and how you draw the parallels with contemporary. Thanks, see you soon!

Ekaterina. Moscow.


Thanks! Our son liked your Vasnetsov paintings tour at the Tretyakov art gallery sooo much, not speaking of my husband and me!!! Afterwards we told my aunt everything, all tour details! She wants to come with us next time). Hope there will be new reasons to meet, hope see you soon.

Best wishes, Julia, Yuri and Roman! Moscow.


In fact, your icons tour at the Tretyakov art gallery still does not let go. Once again I realized, what a great storyteller You are, just a talent! this is worth learning! Thanks, see you soon!

I was delighted with it, it was so simple, easy to understand, interesting, and short.

Ekaterina. Moscow.



My Chief’s parents are delighted with Your Kremlin tour).

Thanks. Maria Busygina. Moscow.


Hurray! My friends are happy to be going on the Art Gallery tour with you again. Everybody is already missing the beauty)) Great! See you on Friday at the Tretyakov gallery for Icons tour!

Galina Leonidovna Sorokina. Moscow.


Dear Julia, Thanks a lot for the Icon tour in the Tretyakov Art Gallery! Do not get tired of admiring your erudition and your style of presentation.

Kuznetsova Anna. Moscow.


I think about Serebryakova exhibition at the Tretyakov gallery all the time. I ordered a poster in a beautiful frame, based on one of Serebryakova’s paintings. When it has been covered with varnish, it looks like a real picture. So, Your tour was not in vain)) Thanks!!!))

Anna. Moscow.


I would love to go to Serebryakova exhibition with you. You’re a great tour guide. See you soon. Cool. Great.

Tatyana. Moscow.


My friends are just delighted with the tour of Perov painting at the Tretyakov gallery, I am also delighted.

Galina Leonidovna Sorokina. Moscow.


I tell everyone about Fanny N 30! You see, your Art Galleries tours have changed my attitude towards art upside down. I really knew nothing about it! It used to be so much “Greek to me”. It was so not interesting to me! Probably mainly because there wasn’t opportunity to study all this… there was no time, money, or desire for this… And then here you are with your tours. I am so happy I’ve got so much facilities going for me now! And when it is served on such a beautiful dish, like your lectures-tours, it’s worth a lot. And every Your painting tour inspires me for looking for more and more information. I’ve bought so many books!!!!

Maria Simonova. Moscow.


СпасиGreat!! Thanks again for Saturday, we really enjoyed the Perov painting tour at the Tretyakov gallery!!

Anna. Moscow.


I am still impressed with your last tour of Pinacoteca! I told my husband so much about it during our trip! He was pleased and said, that he was delighted with it, it was so simple, easy to understand, interesting, and short.

Irina Thor. Moscow.


Once again, thanks for your Pinacotheca tour at the Tretyakov gallery and the wonderful Pinacotheca materials. I study them with great interest and pleasure. This is an amazing job.

Alexandra Batyaeva. Moscow.


Thanks for a wonderful Pinacotheca tour! Look forward to your Serebryakova tour!!!

Maria & Maria, Elena Kaigorodova. Moscow.


Your tours are wonderful! You’re just a smart girl! I always listen to You with great pleasure!

Maria Simonova. Moscow.


Thanks! My friends and me are delighted with your Pinacotheca tour at the Tretyakov gallery. You are extraordinary!!!

Varvara. Moscow.


Thanks! Everything is great! Our guests liked your Kremlin tour very much. They are very happy. Let’s keep in touch for next tours.

Natalya. Moscow.


Thanks again from all of us for a wonderful tour of the Pinacotheca! See you soon! And have a nice weekend!

Natasha Korneychuk. Moscow.


I remember your Aivazovsky and Pinacotheca tours, as a bright periods in my life, where I want to be back as soon as possible, when I have time. I liked them very much. I am Your fan:).

Natalya. Moscow.



I did not like such a noisy exhibition, with a lot of people… it was much more enjoyable at the Tretyakov gallery with You without any exhibitions… so let’s go to the Tretyakov gallery with You and our boys for the next time.

Ann. Moscow.


My girls were very satisfied with Your tour of Aivazovsky exhibition! Thanks!!!

Leila. Moscow.


I wanted to call you and thank you separately! Thank you for the tour of the Aivazovsky exhibition!!! We really, really liked it! Varya and I are very happy! and Girls were delighted!!! And kids). Especially when, after an hour of the tour, they lie down under the picture “Creation of the World” and caught attention of photo camera lenses. Exhibition visitors could not resist such a sight!

Elena. Moscow.


As usually, I’m thrilled with your performance!!!! Thank you very much for the tour of the Aivazovsky exhibition.

Irina. Moscow.


The first part of the tour of Aivazovsky exhibition was very interesting, I am waiting for the continuation and invitation to the second part of the tour for an adult audience:))

Sasha Batyaeva. Moscow.


Thank you again for the most interesting tour of Masonic symbols in Tsaritsyno! My head is bursting with comparisons! Thank you very much!

Irina. Moscow.


My son and I are in Sochi now. Local excursions were nothing compared to Yours. We always remember Your professionalism. We often talks of you kindly. You’re a great tour guide. See you soon.

Tatiana & Mikhail. Moscow.


Thank you for the tour of the “Old paintings Secrets” exhibition! Richard is happy, like an elephant, and I am delighted as usually! And It was not boring for me to listen your explanations in English! We will definitely go to the Tretyakov gallery with you for a tour in English!

Olga. Moscow.


Thank you very much for the Moscow sightseeing program for our guests from Chicago. They liked it very much, and how could it be otherwise?! ) Yesterday we had a dinner with our guests – they were in ecstatic about the tours of Moscow and about Moscow itself. And your role in this is huge).

Nata Borovik. Moscow.


Once again, thank you very much for the interesting story-tour about Kandinsky paintings.

Sasha Batyaeva. Moscow.


Thanks. You remind us that art still exists in this world). Maria and I would like to go on a tour with you. We would like to see the “English portrait” exhibition from the London National gallery.

Irina Tor. Moscow.


We do not understand and do not perceive Kandinsky paintings. Therefore, it was especially interesting for us to listen to Your lecture and perceive his paintings… Thanks! We really liked your tour of Kandinsky paintings.

Michael & Ella. Moscow.


You last tour of ancient Russian icons at the Tretyakov art gallery was fine! I’m actually hoping to get on your tour of Kandinsky exhibition.

Elena Kaigorodova. Moscow.


Hi ,Julia, thank you again for a wonderful day in Moscow, for your Moscow city tour.

Maartje. Netherlands.


Thank you for the tour of the Serov paintings at the Tretyakov art gallery! You should write books, your stories about paintings, sound, like if they were written by you for a book!

Julia and David. Moscow.


Once again, many thanks for the interesting stories about Vrubel and his paintings. We really enjoyed your tour and are waiting for new invitations.

Leila. Moscow.


Thanks! I really liked Serov paintings. Due to you, I am impressed with the exhibition).

Natalya. Moscow.


Thank you very much for a wonderful tour of Serov exhibition, I am still under the impression about it).

Irina Thor. Moscow.


I’ve been on your tour of the Serov exhibition today, and I really like it. I look forward to the next meeting with you. Thank you again!

Oksana. Moscow.


Thank you for the tour of Serov exhibition. I liked it very – very – very much!

Elena Kuvardina. Moscow.


Many thanks for the tour of Serov exhibition. As usually, your tour was a beautiful accompaniment of the beautiful exhibition. We are very happy to have You! With great respect to You, and a great desire to read today about the life of Ida Rubinstein.

Maria Simonova. Moscow.


Thank you very much for Serov exhibition tour!!! We loved it!!! Everyone is thrilled! My friends showered you with thanks))); You are a Great tour guide!!!! You have created an Interesting tour! It was amazingly interesting! we send you a huge thank, and next time we will be with You, if You do not mind!!!!

Maria Busygina. Moscow.


Thank you for the Serov exhibition tour for our children. They loved it.

Natalia. Moscow.


Thank You for your tours of Moscow in 2015! let’s keep up the amazing work in 2016 🙂 Good holidays!

Nastya. CTB Tours. Moscow.



Our Queen! Thanks for being with us at our meeting of close friends in the English quarter, “just like old
times of Victorian England!!!”

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya. English quarter. Moscow.


My husband and I really enjoyed our last meeting with You. And the Impressionists paintings were liked and became understood for perception, nd the introductory part near “crystal house” was also very interesting. Children have something left in their heads. They enthusiastically told the nanny all about it. The elephant- toy is standing on Aglaia’s table and she is very happy with it. Thanks a lot!

Alexandra Batyaeva. Moscow.


We are still under the impression of Your Caravaggio and Caravaggism lecture and look forward to meeting you in October for Impressionists lecture.

Batyaeva Alexandra. Moscow.


I really missed Your amazing stories. We have a few free days and we would like to spend some of them with You. it could be any itinerary and any sightseeing – exhibitions, city tours, lectures at home over a cup of tea with the display of video materials. I put the case into your hands and shall do exactly what you advise. I regret that we rarely meet. I am waiting for your answer.

Alexandra Batyaeva. Moscow.


Summer 2005

Hi, Julia. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and flexibility. You are a joy and very personable. Moscow is a wonderful city and you “show” it well. We can see, why you are so owed of it. If you are ever near Michigan, please, let me know, if I can help in any way. Stay save and try not to keep “burning the candle at the both ends” so much. (…try not to be like a “candle, burning at the both ends”).

A special thank you for making the arrangements for “YAR” (restaurant) and the excellent meal! Also thanks for clearing all & and the homework and preparations for the Darwin museum.

Truss MauIin & Phil. USA. State of Michigan.

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